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How delivery works

Meals will be delivered twice a week. Meal plans of less than 10 meals a week will be delivered on Sundays. Deliveries are made on Sunday and Wednesday evenings between the hours of 5pm and 9pm. On Sunday you will receive your meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday you will receive your meals for Thursday Friday and Saturday. We will also deliver meals on Monday morning and Thursday morning if this suits your lifestyle and schedule better.

On Sundays and Wednesdays you will receive a text message from our delivery driver confirming your delivery has been made if you are not home. Please make sure someone is home to receive your order within the delivery window of 5pm to 9pm to avoid leaving food outside. Unless otherwise agreed upon, if you are not home your meals will be left at your door or with your concierge in a thermal insulated bag. The bag helps to keep your food cold for up to 3 hours. We do not use any preservatives in our meals so it is very important to refrigerate the meals as soon as possible.

The first 2 bags are free of charge. After that we will track the number of bags given, and we will charge you $5 per bag. When the bags are returned at a later date, we will refund you the $5 per bag. If you know in advance you will be running late or won’t be home to receive your meals, you may leave a cooler out and we will gladly place the meals inside. You may also leave one of our cooler bags outside and we will put the meals in there. Food storage and refrigeration is very important to prevent foodborne illness. Please ensure the meals are transferred into the refrigerator as soon as you arrive home.

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